The material

With gold-plated jewelry, there is only the surface

made of a thin layer of fine gold (24 carat). The composition of

Alloy determines the colour. rose gold sets

consists of gold, silver and a high proportion of copper

together, yellow gold contains a lower percentage of copper. With the carrier material

It is stainless steel (304L). Gilded jewelry points in

usually the properties of the underlying ones

metals on. Stainless steel jewelry is corrosion resistant, does not oxidize like silver jewelry and is also very easy to care for.


Gold-plated jewelry can be restored with gentle polishing

be dry cleaned with a soft cloth,

alternatively in a mild, lukewarm bath

soapy water. Avoid vigorous rubbing

not to damage the thin, gold-plated surface.

When wet cleaning the jewelry with clear

Rinse with water, pat dry and gently

polish with a soft cloth.

Recommend it needs a more thorough cleaning

we, the jewelry professionally by a jeweler

to be cleaned. Of commercially available silver or

We advise against gold cleaning products.

General information

When dealing with gold-plated jewelry should be careful

Care should be taken to keep the jewelry as clean as possible

little to the pollutants in the air

is suspended. So don't include the jewelry

housework and gardening, sports, swimming

or wear to sleep. Cosmetics are also harmful

the jewels, therefore the direct ones

Contact with deodorant, hairspray, creams and perfume


Gold-plated jewelry is best individually in one

store in airtight packaging. When storing

do not expose to direct sunlight.